Introducing Oderase fragrance-free Air & Fabric freshener for Open Plan Living Spaces

Introducing our new Oderase odour-erasing spray for open-plan living spaces, that works both in the air and on fabrics, without any need for masking fragrance.

Our new air and fabric freshener, Oderase Fragrance-Free Open-Plan Living Odour Erasing Spray, recognises the trend for open plan kitchens and living spaces and we have identified a new unmet need, where cooking smells are not only in the air, but also absorbed into fabrics in the open plan living space, including sofas, cushion, curtains and rugs.

It is designed to effectively eliminate smells without any need for masking fragrance - erasing fish, onion and garlic odours from the air, and unlike other air fresheners it also tackles lingering smells on fabrics, which includes when the dog has been sitting on the sofa!

The compact, 200ml pump action container, provides at least 1,000 spritzes, at least 4 times more than the average aerosol air freshener.

Jing Zhang, co-founder and Marketing Director of Aqdot, said, “Oderase bathroom spray was very well-received by customers, who appreciated that it was effective and fragrance-free, making it far kinder for our families.

“This has encouraged us to develop products to target other areas of the home and the first of these is Oderase Fragrance-Free Open-Plan Living Odour Erasing Spray, which is unique as it works both in the air and on fabrics. 

“Open plan living is very popular these days and offers many benefits for families but there are issues with cooking and pet smells in particular and our new product addresses this without masking the smells with pungent aromas as most air fresheners do.”

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Jing Zhang