Our Story

We are a husband/wife team who co-founded a company called Aqdot, spun out from the University of Cambridge in 2013. Having had our child and changed countless smelly nappies in the early days of our entrepreneurial journey, we realised that we had developed a technology that could potentially be used to genuinely change the way we remove bad odours in our homes for the better.

We all know today that air fresheners use fragrance to mask bad odours. For some people those fragrances are too strong and too artificial and for others they cause allergies – these people want a more natural air freshener. For others they simply cause embarrassment as it is obvious that a fragrance has been used to cover up a bad smell – these people want an odour neutraliser that really works.

We set about creating a product that could effectively clear the bad smells without the need for any added fragrance. We believed that it would be possible to clear odours in a more caring way – in a way that would mean we wouldn’t need to use allergy-causing fragrances, nor propellants – being kinder to our families and pets.

Together with the fantastic team at Aqdot, we have now created a range of fragrance-free, non-pressurised pump-sprays that effectively clear odours from fabrics and the air. It’s called Oderase™, playing on the words that it erases odours from the air. Now we can all have the chance to live odour-free and fragrance-free.

Oderase™ is the new generation of air freshener, it brings a fresh, fragrance-free future ahead!

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Here's what our users are saying...

"I like the fact that it didn't leave a smell - often they leave a different smell - but this seemed to just smell fresh/clean after using it"
Rachel June 2017

"I returned after a few minutes and the room was odourless"
Sarah June 2017

"It is amazing! I love it and it does what it says! The whole family love it.”
Kate, October 2017