A new festival must-have to tackle the 'smelly loo blues'

Oderase, new fragrance-free air freshener, could be the answer to the perennial issue of smelly toilets at music festivals and outdoor gigs.

It easily fits into a pocket or small bag and is the first and only fragrance-free, odour erasing bathroom spray in the UK. It utilises a new technology to instantly eliminate bad smells.

According to GQ magazine in an article about the worst things at festivals ‘What you discover about your fellow man from a portable toilet in its third or fourth day of a serious hammering will turn you into a dangerous sociopath. Don't. Go. In.’

A Buzzfeed article agrees ‘By the end of the weekend, you can smell the portaloos before you see them.’

The technology used in Oderase, which was developed by scientists and innovators at Aqdot, a company originally spun out of Cambridge University, is patented. The bad odour molecules in the air are quickly attracted to the Oderase odour eliminator, which in turn captures the bad odours and erases them from the air.

Co-founder of Aqdot Dr Jing Zhang said:  “Festivals, concerts and other outdoor summer events can be fantastic experiences but one thing they often have in common is the dreadful smell from portaloos, which after a couple of days can be very off-putting.

“A few sprays of Oderase could make it a far more pleasant rather than something to be dreaded.  Instead of mixing a scented spray with the other smells that emanate from public toilets, Oderase eliminates them”.

“The small, pump action container takes up hardly any space and should be part of every festival goers survival kit, it is a super concentrated formula giving an amazing 500 spritzes a bottle, at least twice the average air freshener.  More than enough for any festival goer!”

To ensure you do not have to tolerate smelly portaloos at your next festival, Oderase can be purchased on https://oderaseshop.co.uk/ or Ocado.

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