Office Eating Taboos Revealed by Oderase

Eating a tuna wrap or salad at your desk is highly likely to incur the wrath of colleagues according to new research carried out on behalf of Oderase.

 Almost half (45.4%) of people questioned stated that a fishy lunch is the worst thing to eat in the office, followed by egg sandwiches (22.6%) and blue cheese (16.4%).  Noisy snacks including crisps and apples are tolerated by most people, but strong-smelling food is a definite ‘no-no’ according to the survey.

 Jing Zhang, director at Aqdot the company behind Oderase, said: “It’s probably not too surprising that people, particularly in today’s open-plan offices, are very sensitive to fellow workers eating food that has a distinctive smell.

 “The smell of tuna can certainly linger well past lunchtime and make for a less than pleasant afternoon.  Egg sandwiches too are notorious for their aroma and I would not be happy with a colleague who ate blue cheese at their desk!

 “Oderase Fragrance-Free Open-Plan Living Odour Erasing Spray is designed to effectively eliminate smells without any need for masking fragrance - erasing fish, egg, cheese, and many other even more pungent odours from the air like curry, onion and garlic!  The compact, 200ml pump action container fits neatly into a handbag or desk drawer, ready for when that thoughtless co-worker opens their lunchbox! And, even better, because it’s fragrance-free, no-one needs to spend the afternoon with a hit of masking, artificial fragrance hanging around your area.”

 Oderase Open Plan Living Spray is a new fragrance-free air and fabric freshener, endorsed by Allergy UK.

The technology used in Oderase is patented. The bad odour molecules in the air are quickly attracted to the Oderase odour eliminator, which in turn captures the bad odours and erases them from the air.

Oderase is therefore different from other air and fabric fresheners because it is so effective at erasing bad odours that it does not need to contain any masking fragrances that could potentially cause allergies.

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Jing Zhang