odour removal

Restores air and fabrics
to their fresh, clean
natural balance

The new generation
of air freshener


We Care

Carefully selected ingredients
No pressurised aerosol
Approved by Allergy UK


Here's what our users are saying...

"I like the fact that it didn't leave a smell - often they leave a different smell - but this seemed to just smell fresh/clean after using it"

June 2017

“I bought this as I was getting headaches and feeling sick from the fake scents of usual air fresheners and saw that Oderase is unfragranced. I have used this on wet dogs, the car, the bin, the dishwasher after forgetting to turn it on after eating fish, and the bathroom. I am amazed at how after only a few squirts the bad odours have gone, and as the bottle is a pump one, not a pressurised can, it doesn't make me cough.”

August 2019

“With two teenage boys in the house I thought this product was worth trying. I put it in the downstairs loo, and asked the boys to use it as needed. It works surprisingly well! The smells seem to just go...Success!!”

March 2019