Here are some questions we get asked about Oderase™.
We hope these answers help you.

How do I know if Oderase™ is working?

Most people buy air fresheners and expect it to fragrance the air. With Oderase™ it’s different! When you’ve spritzed Oderase™ you will notice the odours fade away to nothing, quickly restoring the air in your home to its natural balance.

How long does Oderase™ take to work?

As soon as the water-based mist is sprayed into the air Oderase™ starts to attract and remove bad odour molecules, so it clears the air within a matter of minutes. Bad bathroom odours will obviously take a bit longer than light ones, but you can be confident they’re quickly eliminated.

How long does one pump spray pack last?

Each 100ml pump spray pack contains up to 500 spritzes. Our testing is based on an average bathroom odour that needs a few spritzes. Clearly, everyone is different so there are some bathroom odours that need more, and others that will need less!

Can I use Oderase™ in other parts of my home?

As part of the development process we have fully tested Oderase™ for effectively clearing bathroom smells from the air. We’re working hard to bring more products and uses to the market.

Is Oderase™ safe to use around children and pets?

We have carefully developed Oderase™ in line with the EU General Product Safety Directive.

Can I use Oderase™ on my pets?

We have not developed Oderase™ Bathroom Spray to be used on animal fur or skin. It is not tested for this use and as such, we do not recommend to use this product on animals. A product for pet odours is something we will potentially look at for the future.

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Oderase Odour Erasing Bathroom Spray
Here's what our users are saying...

"I like the fact that it didn't leave a smell - often they leave a different smell - but this seemed to just smell fresh/clean after using it"
Rachel June 2017

"I returned after a few minutes and the room was odourless"
Sarah June 2017

"It is amazing! I love it and it does what it says! The whole family love it.”
Kate, October 2017